Sunday, August 15, 2010

Big Titty Blonde

I love a long hot summer, where the temps reach the top, and I can feel the sweat pool between these big tittys.
All the sexy girls in bikinis, oiling up long legs and shapely thighs and pretty feet.
Seems as if the burning question of the day is, with a great set of tits on this big titty blonde, do you get a huge amount of attention?
And do you ever get tired of how much attention those weapons of mass distraction get you?
Can I get a "hell no"?
I love being a mandingo magnet.
A big black cock is about the only kind of cock that won't get lost between these massive tits, and I do love a pearl necklace!
How about I slide off my bikini top, and let the girls out to play?
Grab that hard dick and cum fuck these tits, baby.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Self Bukake Assignments

Happy Tuesday, Lovers!
Does anyone else love their bed as much as I do?
Big and firm and with pillows you can get lost in for days.
Sort of sounds like your cuckold phonesex queen, doesn't it? ;)
And what seems to be the question I am getting the most these days?
Does wanting to suck a big thick cock make me gay?
Are you serious?
Of course not!
Just because you need, crave, and are desperate to suck a big thick cock, doesn't make you gay, a pervert, sick or in need of an intervention, it just means that you want to suck cock!
And what better way to explore your bicurious or cuckold desires than with cuckold fetish phonesex?
One of this cuckold phonesex queen's forced bi assignments is to have you start by self bukake phonesex session.
Hot fresh cum is the best thing about a cuckold creampie, and this gets you all ready for the next step, tasting my cuckold creampie!
Are you bi curious and ready to take it to the next level?
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Friday, April 9, 2010

Cuckold Fetish Phone

Happy Friday Cuckhold Sluts!
How are all you bi forced phonesex cuckolds?
Craving that big black cock?
God, aren't you always craving that big black cock, you sexy cuckold?
Your big titty blonde phonesex girl woke up rather early, at least, early for a late night big black cock cuckold phonesex booty call loving type of girl.
My black fucks blonde fuck buddy showed up very early, bringing your curvy phonesex girl breakfast in bed, complete with thick hard nigger cock for your nigger lover cuckold queen.
Is there anything better than a thick hard mandingo dick first thing in the morning?
I love morning wood!
Especially when it's delivered.
Life is good.

Did you think I wouldn't show off my body for you? ;)
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