Saturday, August 6, 2011

What's a Cuckold Snowball?

I get asked lots and lots of questions about cuckolding, especially about secret cuckold phone sex and forced cuckold fantasies.
Cuckold bull, cuckold cream pie, buttered muffin, cuckold fluffer, and so much more.
I love it when, like tonight, I got a secret cuckold whisper in my ear on my cheap cuckold phonesex line: "Monica, what's a cuckold snowball?"
And I just knew that cuckold phone sex caller was blushing on the other end.
A cuckold snowball (in my cuckold psychology world, anyway ;) ), is a cuckold training tool that gets a cuckold introduced to the taste of jizz.
And is there anything better than jizz?
Close your eyes.
Feel that cock pressed against your lips, and your cocksucking lips being forced open until that delicious cock hits the back of your throat.
And then feeling that jizz explode in your cocksucking mouth.
Where this cuckold queen comes in, is I would suck your cock dry, then take that mouth full of your jizz and spit it back into your mouth.
And leave you hungry for some cuckold jizz.
Want to taste a cuckold snowball?
1 888 684 2825