Friday, September 9, 2011

How do I tell my wife I want to be a cuckold?

I love to help cuckolds turn their slut wives on to the cuckolding fetish!
But first, maybe we should go over something?
Such as, what is cuckolding?
The accepted answer to what is cuckolding, is usually a man with an unfaithful wife.
Of course, the cuckold doesn't always know his wife is unfaithful.
The accepted slang meaning of what is cuckolding is easiest to understand when one thinks of the wife's pussy as being her property alone, that the wife in the cuckold relationship decides who she gets to fuck, which may mean the cuckold doesn't have access to sexual pleasure.
The cuckold may always serve in other ways, such as performing cuckold clean up duty, or cuckold fluffing.
Sometimes, the easiest way to tell a slut wife you want to be a cuckold is to simply tell your wife all the benefits of big black cock.
There is something taboo and erotic for most white wives about being with a young black bull, and letting her know that you as a cuckold husband support her sexual interest in exploring cuckoldry will go a long way with a shy cuckold wife.
How your interest in cuckolding is because you want to ensure she is sexually satisfied in every way, and as a loving cuckold husband, you want to engage, support, nurture, and encourage your hot wife's interest female sexual satisfaction.
Of course, most soon to be slut wives will be chomping at the bit to try cuckolding at this point, but if she still has doubts, you can address them easily.
First, explain that in a cuckold relationship, the dominant female is always in charge of the cuckold husband, and that your role as a loving cuckold husband is to serve, that it is something both the cuckold husband and the slut wife want, that as a loving cuckold his submissive role is to encourage her to explore sexual satisfaction with other men, and that her being a slut wife and cuckolding him will only strengthen their marriage.
Of course, that then leads to the question of whether the slut wife will allow her husband to watch her cuckold him with other men, or actually help........
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