Sunday, August 15, 2010

Big Titty Blonde

I love a long hot summer, where the temps reach the top, and I can feel the sweat pool between these big tittys.
All the sexy girls in bikinis, oiling up long legs and shapely thighs and pretty feet.
Seems as if the burning question of the day is, with a great set of tits on this big titty blonde, do you get a huge amount of attention?
And do you ever get tired of how much attention those weapons of mass distraction get you?
Can I get a "hell no"?
I love being a mandingo magnet.
A big black cock is about the only kind of cock that won't get lost between these massive tits, and I do love a pearl necklace!
How about I slide off my bikini top, and let the girls out to play?
Grab that hard dick and cum fuck these tits, baby.

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