Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cuckold Fetish Phonesex

I am so tired of all this cold weather!
The only up side is that I get to pour these big titties into tight sweaters, and my nipples popping out makes all the sexy men very happy!
Sort of amusing, wondering what kind of package a man is packing, and whether he is a cuckold fetish sort of man, with a little dick that will get lost between my massive titties, or if he can make this big titty blonde cuckold queen happy with a huge cock.
And I definitely, without a doubt, overdid my Happy New Year's.
Patron gets me every time ;)
Right now, I am in my big bed, still a little tipsy, and very horny.
Wonder what I can get up to.
Want to join me?
I have a lot of cuckold stories to share, or we can make some cuckold fetish stories of our own ;)
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